Recital T-shirts on Sale Now! 

XSC-XLA - $18

2X & 3X - $25

Pre-Order at the front desk or order online by logging in to your Studio Director Account. 

Thank you for your interest in the Lindsey Claire Dance Company. Below you will find some helpful hints you will need to know to make sure each visit to our studio is a rewarding one for you and your child. 


-Selecting the best class time for your busy schedule and being on time each week is important to your child. Physically class is designed from the first minute of warm up, then as we progress, to cool down each muscle group in a correct manner. This promotes a strong body and lessens the chance of an injury. Psychologically, arriving late distracts the mind to the discipline of the work. Most young children do not like to be singled out and are embarrassed when late. Many hesitate to participate and may eventually refuse to continue the class. 

​-It's best for your child to have the security of coming to class knowing what is expected, to fit in comfortably, and to recognize the other students. If for some reason you cannot attend class at the scheduled time, please call to let us know. It's also helpful for us to know if you have decided to cancel your place in class. 

 -It is important to come to class in proper dance attire. You can find what your child is required to wear to class each week under the "Classes & Schedule" tab at the top of the page. All dancers should come with their hair pulled back in a ponytail, bun, or braid so that hair is not a distraction while dancing. 

-Please remove all jewelry from your dancer before attending class. The less adorned your child is the safer they will be in a class situation. 

For transaction select “recurring payment” 
Date of transaction: 8/8/2016 & 1st of each month 
Amount: Monthly Tuition Rate 
Number of transactions: 10 (August-May)

**Please look at our monthly draft schedule. The amount will be higher in the month you register and in the months of January & February if you are participating in our recital.

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dance wear 

Recital Bears 

The 2017 recital bears are on sale now! You can customize them any way you want. You can choose color, style, and embroidery. Prices vary according to how you customize. 

Order forms are available to pick up at the front desk.

A sample bear is also set up at the front desk for you to view and hold! 

You may customize this year’s bear with our theme“Arabian Nights: A Tale of Jasmine & Aladdin” on the bear’s dress.

You may also order online: