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LCDC has Dance competition teams & Cheer All Star teams. These teams are made up of the most elite dancers & tumblers at the studio. Students on the competition teams are serious about their training and expected to be at their regularly scheduled practice times during the week and go to our scheduled competitions. Although we have a strict schedule and high expectations for our students on our competitive teams, we are a family. We work hard together, and we celebrate and have fun together!

The LCDC competition teams are chosen by audition. We are currently looking for individuals to compete. If you would like more information regarding competition teams please contact:


Who:  Dancers ages 10-19 years of age – 5th Grade and up
Why:  Provide candidates with the skills and opportunities to make them compassionate, responsible, confident, and strong leaders.
What:  Raising the Barre is a youth community outreach group and a teacher assistant program. Raising the Barre students shall complete service and teaching hours as assigned by a Faculty Mentor who will help them schedule their commitments and guide them through their projects.

Mission Statement 
We serve the community through the giving of our time and talents. We are role models for the younger students in and outside of the classroom at the dance studio.

To Sign up as a Raising the Barre Candidate or as a Parent Volunteer please complete and submit the appropriate application .  Please email for an application. 

Required Pillars of Character and Service


        Dance Class Teaching Assistant – At least 1 Class per week from September through May totaling Community Service hours earned Approximately 40 Hours per year or more

        Classes that are the dancers’ age group and level and below

        Must Attend Mandatory Class Assistant Training


        Performance and Studio Volunteer 

        Backstage, Crew, etc at any LCDC Performance/Event such as Twinkle Star Showcases, May Recitals, Holiday Parties. RTB Candidates can choose the events that work for them 


        Community Service – At least 2 Community Service Events per semester to be arranged by the RTB Faculty.

        Examples: Retirement Home Visits, Offering Free Dance Workshops to Underprivileged Youth and Children with Special Needs, Costume and Dancewear Drives, Flash Dance Mobs coupled with Goods Drive, etc.


        Etiquette & Public Speaking Experience 

Additional Commitments:

        Attend Quarterly Meetings – January, April, July/August, October.  At these quarterly meetings dancers who have met their goals for that quarter/year will be recognized.  Also, Confidence sessions will be held in conjunction with the quarterly meetings.

Eligibility Requirements:

        GPA – 3.0 or above and/or Honor Roll 

        Regular Dance Class Attendance

        Positive attitude in class including compliance with dress code

Parent Volunteers/Involvement:

        Business Sponsorships

        Volunteering at Community Service Events

Benefits for Dancers: 
Valuable In Class Teacher Assistant Training
“On the Job” Studio and Recital Management Skills
Introduction to possible dance related careers and jobs
Etiquette and Public Speaking Skills
Community Service Hours required for High School and/or College Admission
Broader World View - moving from the “me” generation to the “we” generation.